Friday, 26 November 2010

Happy Hours!

I've been exploring my new bought 85mm lens :D which i'm loving it... Another big news is that i am now working  as a photographer for an upcoming nepali magazine based in UK, the magazine is called Rise. I reckon they will be out by the end of this year(not sure :S) .. it feels great to be a part of the creative team...
Work has been hectic..still is... having to work at unpredicted time table is so not pleasing at all... and the pressure just hits me for no reason... But all that goes away on my days off, i call it my days of relief... Anyways my last day off i had has been very productive and i'm pleased on what i've achieved.. Did a shoot for Swapnil for her blog and as well as for the magazine and then we went out for strolling in Oxford Street and around Soho along with Arbin. After that fun stroll, I went down to V& A to meet my old classmates and then went for Albert Watson's talk, which was an hour talk and i wished it lasted longer... It was so strange yet so exciting to meet a very famous photographer. It was very fun to listen to what he was saying - about his work, about his life and he'd mention he was lucky all the time... lol

Albert Watson signing his books :D I've purchased 2 of his books and i've got it signed too :D Yay!!

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