Monday, 21 February 2011


So another week has passed, and i am more eagered to get out there.....I'm sorry i meant to post this few days ago but since i've got a gig coming up, i've been held up with practices...
So for this week, i had planned to go to the skate park where few of my friends go and skate... i was fond of skate boarding when i was at my early teenage years but that was far ago... It certainly did bring back memories of times when i used to skate board and kick flip... but now i rarely dare to even step on it lol... The skaters were very friendly but most of them were shy (or i guess intimidated) when i asked if i could photograph them... All the shots of the skaters and bmx riders were shot @Southbank in London...

Thus far, i'm loving doing this project but it has become more complex when it comes to asking more about people because most of them are usually in a rush or they like to keep it personal.

P.S. - Thank you Swapnil for being a super support for the project... you've been a great help... damn you surely got the eyes for the hot stuffs lol :P




BMX GUY (sorry i forgot your name if you're reading this can you remind me please :P)


Japanese hair stylist based @ picadilly circus in London

Whan is from Thiland :)
@Leicester Square


Saturday, 12 February 2011


Okay so here i am again!!! Tadahh!!! Woo this week has been a heck of a week like always....I've been transferred to another shop at work and has been shifted for days shift mostly and since then I've been late for work twice now already O_O!! Oh well that's me :)... Anyway ignore me!!!

Well it's been a while since i've been so so in love with acoustic songs!!! :) all thanks to Burberry Acoustic and watchtelllisten!! Check out their channels on youtube if you are interested in acoustic stuff :) They have brilliant artists on their page :) One of the artist i totally loved was Misty Miller!!! She is only 16!! and she plays Ukelele :) and she lives in Wimbledon (not far from me hehe)... She has also been featured on the issue of Vogue October. I follow her on twitter and she had announced that she'd be having gigs at few local places. Since i had a day off yesterday, i thought i'd go and see her live :) So i head to the Wheelbarrow pub down in Camden, the venue was cool... it was pretty small and quite ~ a good place place for acoustic nights :)


Umm did i tell you people that i got to meet and talk to her in person and i got to take her pictures :) 
(oh well! i just thought i'd say you know *jealous much*) 
She was very sweet and lovely in person as i expected :)

Vogue October Issue :)

Her voice was very authentic and i loved each and every songs she sang that night.
I had a blissful night indeed!! :)

Misty Miller - Remember @ The Wheelbarrow Live from Karuna Gurung on Vimeo.

Misty Miller's album will be out on this very 14th of February, please check her out!!! 
I can't wait to get mine :)
She is raw talent!!! I can't wait to see what future beholds for her!!!

You can follow her :

P.S : I was meant to shoot street that day but due to bad weather i had to cancel my shoot for afternoon but since i was headed to Misty's Gig i thought i'd find some people on the way but it was so dark and i thought i couldn't shoot but but but.. i did manage to get few people on the shoot :D hehe...




So this is Michael and Grace, me and my friend spotted them while they were boozing outside a pub (naughty naughty hehe), what really caught my eyes were the blues they were wearing. Michael is wearing a blue Tartan trousers/ polka dots shirt/ and brown brogue.
Whereas, Grace is wearing a plain black vest top/ blue waist skirt/ red heels and a hat :)


I met Dilara and her friend Ece while i was travelling back home on a tube while they were off to somewhere at King's Cross... They were from Turkey and they 4 friends altogether but i only got to shoot two of them because they were in a rush... I wish i had more time or if i had met them more earlier it'd would've been a fantastic opportunity... These girls were very eye catching and so i had to, had to ask them and fortunately they agreed but i had very less time... I had few shots of Dilara inside the tube but with less time with me, i had to take the shoot outside to where they were getting off at, i tried my best to get the shots done before my other train leaves so it was a nerve wrecking and challenging shoot for me. I want to thank you so much girls for taking your time even when you guys were in such a rush. 

So despite the bad weather i guess i wasn't quite ready to give up :) Thanks to a special friend Tenzin for that night, we definitely had fun :D


Saturday, 5 February 2011


Umm how do i start... well i went out to shoot yesterday and hell yea i had big fun. My mission for this SF(street fashion) project is to spot and approach to the people with (creative)sense of fashion and style and capture them to show the mass love for fashion by the current generation to the public through my photography.

The only place to start this project was to head myself to the regular hangout place for fashionistas which is @ Oxford Circus, well i am no fashionista much but i am eager to learn as much as possible.

Well i spotted a lot of people indeed but only had strength to ask very few people, and also with the big crowd at oxford street i guess i have to admit i was nervous :S But i had to start and so i grabbed all my strength. 


Joe is wearing
Coat - Burberry
Jumper - H&M
Jeans - Topshop
Shoes - Vintage shoes
Bag - Vintage


I couldn't take details of what Ben was wearing but i did grab his business card.
I found him while he was doing his show of beat boxing @ Oxford Circus
I felt bad for him cause he was asked to move out by some local authority but i saw him again
@ Carnaby
This guy is really creative, he is worth a support :)
You can follow him on twitter : @rtizt
Here's a clip of him preforming:

Untitled from Karuna Gurung on Vimeo.


Well Jacopo is a celebrity in italy.
He is a singer and an actor.
You can check him on wikipedia (to make sure)
How lucky, huh??!!
Check him:


This guy here is Stefano Signoroni
He is a friend of Jacopo and he himself is a singer and musician too in taly .
He was all suited up for his upcoming music video.

Then, I also met two italian girls who were both with Jacopo and Steffano for their music video shoot.
I couldn't get their name though, it was too complicated to remember.




Jhane is a friend of my friend.
This is my second time meeting her and she was still as friendly as the first time i met her.
She was interested in getting few shots done so i took advantage by calling her for street shots.


Benjamin is also a friend of mine. 
I quite liked what he was wearing so despite his shyness i forced him for this shot while we were waiting for our friends :)

So, the end is here for this post... Be updated, i'll still be on the street hunting... More to come soon :).
It seems like I am lacking on details about outfits, i'm so sorry about that and i will try to upadte with more details. 

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