Friday, 31 December 2010

Last Goodbye 2010

Okay so here we are, another year is gone... oh well Happy New Year Everyone :)

I must say this year has been a really awesome and heck of a productive year. It seems time passes really quickly, i did a shoot about half a year ago but i never got round to showing this to anyone but recently while i was browsing through my files i came across these pictures and felt the need to show it. It was a shoot intended for a portrait project. i used location lightings so it was really interesting and we had so much fun, apart from when we had to carry the lights which i may just add are damn heavy! the models did come in handy for that ;)
gyan wanted to see how the lights were used on location and the models were his friends, or lets say his models. the female model is merina... she's so beautiful! she's wearing a tube top by the way. the last two pictures are of twins, nawal and nischal. the left picture is of nawal and the right one is nischal just so you dont get confused.

I wanna thank Gyan Gurung for doing a big favor for me by helping edit all the aboves images.

Hope you all have a good year ahead...

P.S. The image below was shot behind the scene with my Bronica ETRSi, you can also look at my previous post to see more images shot by the same camera. You can see that gorgeous love of mine on the second image.

Thursday, 16 December 2010


Just when i was thinking about updating my blog, i happen to get bad luck... I guess you can call it my carelessness. Ok. so this is how it all started >> I was so curious to watch the xfactor finale while i was at work because i was so bored watching the muted subtitled Sky News at work. Well as soon as i got home, i opened my laptop then went onto itvplayer yawning  with tiredness yet excited to see how my favourite Matt Cardle did on the show but honestly all i could remember was the the opening theme of the xfactor and Dermot calling out the judges name and after that i was in my deep paradise. I suddenly remember waking up after hearing a big bang next to my bed wondering what had gone wrong (thought it was my brother mucking about again like always). Then there it was, my poor laptop barely breathing. I had all my work on it. I had just finished editing few shots and wanted to share it on my blog when i had a day off which was on the following day.
I blame it on myself but no one else this time (my victim is my sister usually hehehe), had i not been so careless i wouldn't have had to take my laptop to the repair centre. The hardware and everything else is fine. it's just the screen :(. How can i write or read on a blank dark screen, i literally felt like a blind person for awhile. Now i don't know how long it's going to take to get fixed but i'm glad it'll be fixed for free because of the guarantee( which i wise enough to buy) .. fhew!!
Anyway, I just don't want to let you all down just because i don't have my laptop. I am using my sister's laptop(which is so crap sometimes yet helpful) at the moment and digging up my old harddrive. I wanted to share my old images that you might've not seen yet.. :)

This project was done ages ago with my Bronica ETRSi Medium Format 6X4.5 camera and a 90mm lens.
The project is called the 4:30 AM.
I have always enjoyed shooting landscape and i love depth of field on the images. This is a very small project,  I came up with this idea while i was travelling to work early in the freezing morning at 4am- 4:30am. The idea was to capture the smallest details and show an image reflecting shuttle silent of the morning. The beauty, the edginess and the power of early dawn. I also like to call it the Suburban Dawn.

So sorry to make you read all my very unnecessary stuff and at the same time would like to thank each and everyone who has been patient :)

Peace... will update more as soon as my laptop comes back to me...

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