Friday, 31 December 2010

Last Goodbye 2010

Okay so here we are, another year is gone... oh well Happy New Year Everyone :)

I must say this year has been a really awesome and heck of a productive year. It seems time passes really quickly, i did a shoot about half a year ago but i never got round to showing this to anyone but recently while i was browsing through my files i came across these pictures and felt the need to show it. It was a shoot intended for a portrait project. i used location lightings so it was really interesting and we had so much fun, apart from when we had to carry the lights which i may just add are damn heavy! the models did come in handy for that ;)
gyan wanted to see how the lights were used on location and the models were his friends, or lets say his models. the female model is merina... she's so beautiful! she's wearing a tube top by the way. the last two pictures are of twins, nawal and nischal. the left picture is of nawal and the right one is nischal just so you dont get confused.

I wanna thank Gyan Gurung for doing a big favor for me by helping edit all the aboves images.

Hope you all have a good year ahead...

P.S. The image below was shot behind the scene with my Bronica ETRSi, you can also look at my previous post to see more images shot by the same camera. You can see that gorgeous love of mine on the second image.


  1. Love the pictures dee :)
    it looks great!

    Finallly, blog updated! teehee :P

  2. OMG! im in love with the pictures of Merina! very beautiful compositions. i love the lighting! my fav is the first one where she looks shy :) this could be a whole project! i love how her pictures are followed by the boys'. awesome!


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