Friday, 14 January 2011


Okay this is something i've been wanting to post ages ago :) So sorry that i posted it this late. I've finally got my laptop back, it looks brand new haha..*thanks to gold warrantee*. Well last year, i have to say was one heck of an amazing year, i met a lot of new people and made many new friends. It was very productive year and yes i graduated too!! :)

Last November, a friend surprised me with a short visit. She is a photographer herself. We got to know each other through social networking last year and we've been in touch since then. Her work is amazing, inspiring and truly unique. She is very talented and creative, most of you might know her but just incase if you don't then let me introduce the amazing *Tara* .

Over her very short visit to london, I'm so glad i got to know her in person. I also met her childhood friend Tenzin who she was staying with (London), and she was very lovely and gorgeous. I tired my best to give her a little tour around London but i think i sucked at it... The wonderful Gyan also joined and showed us around his vintage adventure land in Brick Lane :). Since Gyan and Tara both are self portrait photographers, they wanted to experience themselves by taking each other's portraits. While they were experimenting themselves, i squeezed myself with some shots of them behind the scene. I got to shoot her as well along with her friend. I had an amazing time while she was here. I hope she comes again so we can have more fun. :)



Behind the scenes....

Tenzin &Tara
You can pictures of Tenzin shot by Tara at the link below

 Gyan & Tara

Tara & Gyan again :P

You guys can check pictures of us by Tara at the link below



  1. awwww
    i LOVE The Feeling to begin with so kudos for the music choice!
    thanks for the wonderful intro! I really had an amazing time and would not have got such an amazing 'wholesome' tour of London if it weren't for you. I'm glad we skipped to the Brick Lane and Camden Town instead of Big ben and the castles :) You are such a kind host!
    Also thanks for all the photos! If it were only me, I would never take pictures of myself! but thanks to you, i have some tangible memoirs :)

  2. it was my pleasure :), i wished you stayed longer tho :(

  3. hey, its Ayan

    i would love it, if u cood send me the images

    via email,

    btw, im very sorry if i was rude had thee worst hangerover u wood find!!! shhhh dnt tell anyone lol


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