Sunday, 21 February 2010


Okay finally did some shoots... fhew... wasn't really a bad shoot... could've done better and will surely be better in the coming weeks.... The above is picture is one of the many that i shot on Friday! What do you guys think about it? Do i need to improve anything here?? Please suggest!! :D


  1. I think you need to post some more, as i think we need a better over view of all the pictures, but i like this one - i like the yellowy/warm tint it has to it.
    Purposfully done or happy accident?

  2. I presume these are on your DSLR with post production on Photoshop?

    I like them overall and as Vicki says, would like to see some more. My favourite is the last pic, as I like how soft it is and the colour balance.

  3. I really like what i see and think that you have got a good start to your project and i agree with mark about the clolour balance.

  4. Vicki - Yes it was purposely done. Thank you for your comment. I'll upload more soon.

    Mark - Yes they are on my DSLR with a hint of photoshop treatment. I like the last one too. It was really hard to balance the colour.

    Laura - Thank you laura. yea i thought i had to start it instead of leaving it to the last minute like i always used to. :D


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