Monday, 26 April 2010

Sorry i haven't been updating

Hello! apologies for not updating, i know no excuses but i had internet connection problem because my dad had cancelled all the contracted lines like tv, phone, internet and more.... but my neighbour has been very friendly and has allowed me to use his wireless yay!!

First of all, i was meant to be shooting on the easter break because my models were only available to model  for me during that time but the lights were taken out by someone else so i didn't get a chance to shoot them.  Now that i've got the lights and i  had planned for another shoot and again this didn't do much for me, because my models weren't able to model for me due to their exams. Therefore, i will not have any chance to produce any work by next week so i am going start on digital production of the images that i've shot.

Some of the images that i said that i had researched are below:

The above images are shot by Eina Kechicneva.

I found her work while browsing through the wonderland magazine's website and she was on their list of photographers. I think her work is simple yet it looks very interesting. I have to say, i had a rough idea on my project after looking at her work. I would like to plan something similar in the future.

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  1. Nice selection of research, look forward to seeing some of the shots when your finished with them!


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