Wednesday, 27 April 2011


This was a shoot done ages ago, it was meant to be for something that were to be published but due their cancellation on publication, these images remained untouched. About a day ago i was stuck with no internet and so i was browsing through old albums on my hard drive and that's when i came across this again, i hadn't edited any of them images so i decided to do some.... the shoot was also collaborated with Gyan Gurung!

Here are few portraits I took of them

Guitarist - Cobweb Band
Miss Nabina Gurung - Winner of Miss UKNepal 2010
Miss Shradhha Sheila Limbu - First Runner-up of Miss UKNepal 2010

Miss Monica Limbu - Second runner-up of Miss UKNepal 2010

Again, it isn't one of my best on studio but o well, it was worth a try.... 
Well i just thought i'd treat you all with something different... no streets yet but will update soon :D

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