Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Every little matters....

Surrounded by the beauty and the non beauty... I love discovering and learning my surroundings... oh man i am very bad at writing... Anyways i shot these pictures ages ago... I just thought it would be fun to experiment with the surrounds of the back garden and share with yall...


  1. i love discovering things in my surroundings :) its like my camera has given me new eyes.
    whos the girl on the header??? amazing light!

  2. haha i never saw your comment till today... after 20+ days lol... so sorry for not getting back earlier... honestly i told myself i will get back to doing more stuff on blogs but it's always like this for me lol... The girl in he header is Sian.. i scouted her in her workplace... thought she was beautiful so i asked if i could shoot her... but this was ages ago...


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