Saturday, 6 March 2010

Dogs Bottom Shoot! Contact Sheet 4

Okay, here is some more.


  1. I really like some of these shots and definitely think they are some of your strongest images from this shoot. There are a few lighting issues with it not firing but it seems, as you have got on with the shoot the lighting has improved. I really like the close up smoking shots - why does it remind me of Grange Hill? :)
    Well done KG!

  2. Heyyy
    yeaa I agree this is def the best contact sheet

    Well done, youve been busy busy it seems!
    Yea the model does look rather Grange Hill-esque with short hair and that kinda school girl style. Good times!

  3. thank you guys... yea the sync lead was kinda loose and kept falling off the camera... don't have a clue who Grange Hill is?? but will look up in google now :D

  4. yep, grange hill.. teehee.

    i would also agree that these are the strongest images of the shoot. was it going slightly darker towards the end or is it because of the crop/lighting? i think that also helps to make them better than some of the earlier shots..

  5. I'm in agreement here - your shoot gets better towards the end. I think it is because of the falling light which creates the contrast between the lit model and the background. It injects a note of drama that isn't there in the earlier images. It's my favourite time of day for shooting with lights as you can get a really special atmosphere but it can be a bugger to control as the light is constantly changing!


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