Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Some Images from Dogs bottom shoot

The above image is the original and the one on the bottom is edited. For the edit of the image, I simply played around with saturation and colour balance fro this image. Which one would you prefer? Personally i prefer the second one.

Okay again the above one is original and the one below it is the edited version, again i like the edited version.

Same like the other images the above image is the original and the one under it is the edited version. like the other image, i like the edited version again.

To me, i think the edited version of the above images has got more eye-catching antique colour. I simply played around with saturation and the colour curve and also applied a cross- process effect. 


  1. LOVE the second image and that small adjustment has made it alot better. :)

  2. I love the creamy effect your are putting over the images! This is what the guy i did work experience with did to his images!
    It makes a lot of difference and makes them look more . . . arty??!

  3. I think the last image works so much better with the old antique feel to it! :)

  4. Its creepy how much the model at the top image looks so much like my mum when she was younger
    Love the last image the most with the changes on photoshop. My favourite goes 3, 1 then 2 :)

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  6. you're so awesome at processing. i love the fact that you don't manipulate the pictures much but definitely enhance them like 10 times!


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