Saturday, 6 March 2010

Dogs Bottom Shoot!

Okay I've had a pretty busy day last Wednesday, I went on to do another shoot. It was a very fun and interesting shoot to do as i had never done a shoot on my own with lights on the location. This shoot was a basic fashion n location shot again at a place called Dogs Bottom around in Reading. In order to initiate this shoot, i researched on magazines like Pop, magazines, I:D Magazines, Dazed and Confused Magazines and many more. My concept for this shoot was basically a simple fashion on location.This time I took along the lights and played around with it. I think i am still lacking a bit here but I think there will be more and more to come in the future. Okay, what do you think about this shoot? Is there something that i need to improve? Any weak points please feel free to point out.


  1. Lookign good Karuna. ALthough i am not really into fashion these are looking good but definitely room for some improvment - cropping and framing, but maybe that is me being picky?
    p.s - is it me or does she look like a short haired Laura N?

  2. haha... yea i do need to improve on crop and framing but some of them were done intentionally... yea i thought she looked like Laura N too. She is a german friend of my cousin lol...


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